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Who can we help?

About the Clinic

Canberra dizziness clinic is a one stop clinic, where all types of complaints of vertigo and dizziness are treated. We assess our client's illness with a comprehensive purpose build questionnaire, detailed clinical history, comprehensive clinical examination and focused investigations with newest modalities directed to evaluate vestibular system.

We try to diagnose a reason for the ailment on your first visit and draw a management plan at the same time, which could include both medical or rehabilitative treatments.

Can we help you?


It is a sensation of self-motion with any of your movements  or the sensation of distorted self-motion during an otherwise normal head movement. It could be spinning vertigo or non-spinning vertigo (swaying, tilting, bobbing, bouncing, or sliding sensations).

Your vertigo could be spontaneous in origin i.e. it comes without a trigger or it could be triggered by certain position of the head, complex visual stimuli, by sound, by increased pressure in the head or middle ear (Valsalva induced) or body positions like lying to sitting positions or from sitting to lying positions.

If  you suffer from any of these symptoms, we possibly can help


It is  the sensation of disturbed  spatial orientation. It could also come spontaneously or be triggered by head and body positions, sound or Valsalva like manoeuvres

Vestibulo-visual  symptoms

These are false sensations of  jerky visual flow or  false sensation that visual surround is oscillating or bouncing or bobbing or jerking (otherwise called oscillopsia, visual lag, visual tilt, or movement induced visual blur).

Postural symptoms

These could be unsteadiness or instability with tendency to veer in particular direction ( called directional pulsion), balance related near falls or  balance related fall.

​( From classification  of vestibular symptoms Journal of vestibular research 19(2009) 1-13.)


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