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First appointment

Private fee- $180/-  

Medicare Rebate- $76..95/-

Subsequent visits

Private fees- $98- 120/-


Medicare rebate- $39.10- 76.95/-

Ear Cleaning Service

We also offer cleaning of the ears with a technique called Microsuction. Microusuction uses a microscope which considerably improves the view of the ear canal and eardrum. This enables the removal of wax and clearing of debris, fungus, and ear infections more accurately with the help of a suction tube. It is considered to be superior to water syringing to remove the ear wax. Unlike water syringing, microsuction does not use water.

Water syringing Vs Microsuction.

Water syringing to remove wax

  • It is a blind procedure

  • Slight chance of perforation of the eardrum is present with this procedure.

  • As water is used, the chance of an infection due to the humidity it creates, is slightly high, although most patients do not have any complications.

  • It cannot be done if you have a hole in the eardrum ( eardrum perforation). 

  • Ear syringing is not recommended after you have any ear surgery.

  • It cannot be used to treat infections of the ears canal.

  • It cannot be used to treat fungal infection of the ears.

  • It can occasionally cause short-duration spinning sensation during the procedure.

Microsuction – for ear infection and removal of wax.

  • The procedure is done under direct vision

  • Almost no chance of trauma to the ear canal or eardrum.

  • No water is used.

  • The procedure can be done even with eardrum perforation

  • The procedure can be done even if previous ear surgery has been done

  • Very useful to treat ear canal infections.

  • Very useful to treat fungal infections of the ear.

  • It can also cause a short-duration spinning sensation during the procedure.


Microsuction is mainly used to investigate and treat-

  • Fungal infection of the ear canal.

  • Swimmer's ears, and ear canal infection due to psoriasis, eczema, and other ear skin conditions.

  • Foreign body in the ear canal.

  • Ear wax.


Cost of the procedure:

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