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What can you expect from our clinic?


(Consultation divided into two visits)

1st Visit- (Initial assessment)

Fee - $295. ( Medicare rebate- $114.15.- out of pocket - $180.85)

Pensioners ( not health care card holder)- $265. ( Medicare rebate- $114.15- out of pocket- $150.85)

2nd Visit- Investigations/test and management plans

Bulk billed .

Review Visit - up to 15 minutes - $90/- ( medicare rebate- $38.20)

15min- 30 min- $180/- (medicare rebate- $73.95)

Our approach is to take a detailed history in the first consultation which is for about 30 minutes duration. It is well known that detailed and comprehensive history is the most valuable tool to diagnose balance disorder. We also get you to fill 3 forms assessing your emotions, impact of dizziness on your life and to assess your motion sickness. The first visit has a fee of  $295. ( Medicare Rebate-$114.15.). For pensioners fee is ( $265.( Medicare rebate- $114.15).

Depending on the information gathered, we decide what further tests are required, which are done on the second visit which is fully bulk billed.

If the history sounds like BPPV, we do a positional test which we record with our  VNG ( videonystagmography ) machine for enhanced accuracy. The side and canal of the displaced crystals        (otoconia) are diagnosed and a corrective manoeuvre performed which has a success rate of about 80%. 


For other conditions, we will use some or all these tests:

- Oculomotor assessment with Videonystagmogram ( VNG) to assess cerebellar and central connections between your inner ears and your eyes.  

- Video Head impulse test ( vHit) to assess the function of semicircular canals which are part of your balance organ in the inner ear.

-VEMP- vestibular evoked myogenic potential to assess utricle and saccule. ( the other two sensory receptors of your balance organ in the inner ear)

-basic Balance tests.

-Screening hearing test ( PTA) and Middle ear function test ( Tympanogram)

After these investigations, a diagnosis is formulated. We make a treatment plan in consultation with you. 

Treatments include medications, Canalolith re-positioning maneuvers like Epley's  and Vestibular rehabilitation exercises

The vestibular rehabilitation will need few sessions on a fortnightly interval to be effective.

What  do you have to do  before  your appointment?

Please try and reach at least 5 minutes earlier than your appointment time so that it won't impact on subsequent clients. Bring a friend or a relative with you as you may possibly  find  it uncomfortable to drive, especially if any positional treatment has been done. Try to avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to  the assessment, so that it won’t effect your findings.  For our female patients , we request that you do not wear any mascaras or artificial eye lashes as it can interfere with your assessment. Please bring list of medications you are taking including over the counter medications. You don't need a referral letter, but having one will be helpful to communicate with your GP or physiotherapist.                 

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