Falls Prevention Clinic

The only private falls prevention clinic in Canberra

As an extension of the successful balance and vertigo clinic, we felt  falls prevention is a logical next step. 

There is a large body of evidence to show that patients who attend multidisciplinary falls clinic can achieve substantial reductions in falls and falls related injuries.

Who is it for ?

People over 65 years who have fallen previously or feel that they will fall or have a fear of falling. 

These are some of the features:

1. Multidisciplinary Assessment

   Patients will be assessed by 4 professionals with varied backgrounds.

  • Geriatrician to assess your over all health and your medications.

  • Balance specialist to assess your balance.

  • Physiotherapist to assess your strength and tendency to fall.

  • Occupational therapist to assess your mobility and falls hazard.

2. Comprehensive Approach

   Various risk factors leads people to fall. We will be addressing and assessing many of them in this clinic.These are:

  • Impaired balance - due to reduced inner ear function Bilateral Vestibular failure, BPPV, peripheral neuropathy.

  • Deconditioning due to reduced muscle strength and impairment of natural reflexes.

  • Impairment of vision.

  • Wrong foot wear.

  • Wrong Mobility aids.

  • Environmental hazards.

  • Continence issues.

  • Impairment in memory.

  • Neurological problems like parkinsonism.

  • Fall in blood pressure with change in position (postural hypotension).

  • Side effects of some medications.

  • Collapse due heart disease, strokes or fits.

3. Multifactorial Intervention:

  We will be addressing these risk factors with:

  • Balance treatments,

  • Home exercises 

  • Mobility advises.

  • Advise regarding continence.

  • Foot wear advise.

  • Medication review.

  • Memory and dementia assessment.

  • Assessment of heart and BP.

  • Advise regarding osteoporosis.

  • Patience education.

4. Patient Education:

  • About importance of falls prevention.

  • Education about how to get up safely after a fall and summon help.

  • Continence management.

  • Importance of home environmental modifications.

  • Personal Alarms.

  • Importance of regular exercises.

  • Information regarding walking groups, stepping on program,

5. Single reporting to your doctor for ease of action and communications.

  •  A single report is generated summarizing assessment of all four professionals to your doctor.

6. Further Interventions offered

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation exercises for balance training.

  • Muscle strengthening exercises.

  • Home Occupational Therapy assessment.

  • Further Geriatric follow up.

  • Continence management - Physiotherapy

Follow up - There will be a telephone follow up around 4 weeks and review in the clinic around 8 weeks.

Cost to you - Vestibular assessment - Bulk billed.

  • Geriatric assessment - Bulk billed.

  • Physiotherapy assessment - $105 ($52 medicare rebate available with appropriate  EPC)

  • Occupational Therapy assessment - $95 ($52 medicare rebate available with appropriate EPC).

Professional involved:

  • Geriatrician - Dr. Anil Paramadhathil and his team from Canberra geriatrics.

  • Vestibular physician and GP - Dr. Sandeep Rajagopal.

  • Physiotherapy - Mr. Robert Erickson, Capital Clinic Physiotherapy.

  • Occupational Therapy - Mr. Rodney Freyer

Referral - is not required but is encouraged as getting a referral from your GP will give us information regarding your past medical history, your medications, recent blood test and bone density test results. It will also helps you financially if your GP can do a team care arrangement ( TCA) and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral.